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Walmart Allswell Mattress

Walmart Allswell Mattress Review

Walmart has the latest brand of mattress called Allswell. It is a bed in a box and is sold exclusively online. Within a short time, the brand has gained popularity in the United States. In an effort to reach a large customer base, two types of beds are available. That is, the firmer and softer models.

It is totally different from the other types in the market as it has different constructions, making it appealing to all kinds of sleepers.  According to a number of customers who already have it, term the brand as excellent and a worthy dream bed.

Apart from the bed, Walmart automatically adds other items you may need on your cart for best sleeping experiences. You only need to remove what you do not want. Some of the items include sheets, pillows, shams, duvet, duvet inserts, throws, and others.

Who is Suitable for Walmart Allswell Mattress?

This type of mattress is suitable for individuals who experience problems sleeping hot in their bed. It has a cooling effect with fantastic airflow of the wrapped coils. The cover is silky smooth designed to draw heat away. If your current bed does not have cooling properties, do not hesitate to get Walmart Allswell mattress.

The firmer model is suitable for stomach and back sleepers. It has a pocketed coiled system that keeps one’s hips lifted out and up off the bed leading to a perfect spinal alignment. This; therefore, will make a good welcome addition mostly to stomach sleepers.

Heavier sleepers who are in search of good support should select the firmer model of Walmart’s Allswell mattress. It has a lot of bounce and strong lift hence it is the best for those who tend to feel stuck in bed. The transition layer is coupled up with wrapped coils leaving one with a feeling of sleeping on top rather than in the mattress.

The softer model is best for side sleepers. Allswell soft make the best bed for side sleepers. The all-foam construction property provides excellent pressure relief. The thick layers the foam has offers plenty of cushy support for shoulders and hips, preventing one from waking up tired on the side.

The softer brand is also perfect for couples. If you and your partner like memory foam, then your selection should be the softer version. The excellent motion transfer prevents you from being disturbed by your partner’s movements.

Both the firm and soft types are best for pressure relief. This is due to the soft foam used at the top layer. The amount differs but any sleeper is sure to experience comfort while lying on either type.

Regardless of the model you select, you are still going to get value for your money due to the good quality of the material and the best sleeping experience. On a firmness level of 6.1 for soft and 6.9 for a firm out of ten, it is the best bed for any sleeper.

The firm one is not suitable for side sleepers. When rolling from side to side, there is the formation of pressure on the shoulders and hips. It is recommended that side sleepers choose the softer one for the best experience.

The softer one is not suitable for stomach and back sleepers. It may make the hips to sink resulting in the formation of pressure sat chest making the back go out of the required straight alignment.

Structure and Layers of Walmart Allswell

Structure and Layers

The softer brand is made up of five layers while the firmer one has four layers for maximum performance. Below is a discussion of the layers to help you understand the performance and structure of the mattress.

The Softer Version

The Cover

The cover is made of three-inch soft foam that is super soft. The material is of high quality and breathable, enabling one to sink in bed straight away. The material is highly breathable providing a nice cooling effect to the mattress.

Comfort Layer

The comfort layer has 1.5-inch memory foam. When it is combined with a quilted cover, it makes 2.5-inch memory foam, resulting in a plush of incredible pressure relieving effect.

Contour Layer

Below the comfort layer, there is the brand’s airflow foam. It is very soft to touch and has a slow response to any pressure. This helps extend the body contouring deeper into the mattress.

Transition Layer

This layer is made up of 3-inch super soft foam. It has a quicker response to pressure than the layers on top of it. Its main function is to transition one into a firmer base below.

Foundation Layer

This is the base which is made up of 5.5-inch high-density poly foam. This is the layer that gives the bed the supposed shape and structure together with a nice deep compression support.

The Firmer Version

cover of walmart allswell mattress

The Cover

The cover is made of 3-inch super soft foams that offers the sleeper immediate relief from pressure.

Comfort Layer

Under the plush cover is an inch of airflow foam. This material resembles memory foam such that it has a slow response to pressure. This enables it to offer body contouring and pleasant sinkage.

Transition Layer

The transition layer is made of 2.5-inch soft polyfoam material. It is firmer than the comfort layer, functioning as a transition between a pocketed coiled system below and a soft layer on top.

Support Layer

This is the last layer which comprises of 7.5-inch pocketed coils. It gives the bed support and bounce. As the coils are individually wrapped, they encourage excellent motion isolation and airflow.

Firmness and Scale

Firmness of Allswell mattress

The average firmness of the foam is 6.9 compared to industry standards of 6.5 for the medium firmness. Zero is the softest while ten is the firmness. It ensures one achieves a balance between firmness and cooling soft feel. This bed is; therefore, a touch above medium firm.

Walmart allswell mattress offers the best support while sleeping on back, stomach or when sitting. The firm one offers great relief while lying on the back. Weight is evenly distributed keeping one on top of the bed.

While sitting on it, there is no severe compression at the site as it holds up the weight super well. There is also no compression regardless of the weight. The softer one; however, does not provide fantastic support as the firm one especially when sitting down.

Performance and Sleep Experience

Both versions sleep cool. They also have a plush topper and a 12-inch profile. They are pressure relieving and supportive of any weight. It has the bounce effect hence heavier sleepers may interact differently as they most likely will sink straight for the softer version.

The thick layers on the top section of the bed offer a soothing plush effect. It allows one to sleep peacefully and wake up without any discomfort.

Support for the firmer one at the edge and at the center is the same. Weight is evenly distributed with the support layer on top doing a fantastic job.


The price indicates the quality of the mattress. Hybrid types come with the high price range. You, therefore, need to look deeper into your pockets to buy the Walmart allswell mattress. There are 4 different sizes of this bed that range from approx. $495-$1035.

The sizes include twin, full, queen, and supreme queen. Below is a table that does clearly compare the sizes and price.

Size DimensionsWeight(soft)Weight(firm)Price
Twin39’’×75’’×12’’44 lbs62lbs$495
Supreme Queen76’’×80’’×12’89lbs113lbs$1035

Personally, we think the price is a little high based on the features they provided. We can have better choices, like Nectar or Layla.

Trial Period, Shipping, and Warranty

Unlike other conventional mattresses, Walmart Allswell mattress comes with a 100 day trial period. One is provided with the opportunity to test the strong features and performance of the foam.

This is a long enough period to allow you to make a decision on whether it provides the best sleeping experience or not.

The seller ships directly to your doorstep compressed in a box. There are costs added including $25 shipping for all foams and $99 for glove services.

This foam is made of top quality material, hence chances of complaining about performance and features is significantly low. The manufacturer will provide you with details on this.

To assure you of high-quality performance and experience, the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty.

The Wrap-UP

The Allswell mattress is built in the plush topper and innovative memory foams that offer the user best experiences. It handles motion transfer really well hence no disturbances that could wake you up in the middle of your dream. This is a type that you will not think of replacing any time soon.

The manufacturer designed it to be cool to the touch with a feeling of luxury. With all these properties, you will be able to get the best sleep all night long waking up refreshed and energized to start the day. With the above comparison between the firmer and softer one, it is easier to decide on the right model.

Keeping track of the features of the mattresses you consider can be difficult. Our Mattress Buyer’s Checklist makes it easy.

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