What Is a Euro Top Mattress

Euro top mattress is one of its kind which is vastly found in the United States. This mattress comes with a good support at the bottom with a layer on top, the layer is quite good when it comes to its thickness and its material. The best thing about euro top is that the top layer is sticking to edges with no difference between the stand and the layer on top.

If you are tired of your old mattresses then it is time for you to treat yourself by buying this one which will keep you back upright and will give you a good night’s sleep.

Don’t confuse Euro top with Pillow Top Mattress

There are two main differences between these two kinds of mattresses. One is dependent upon the softness and the other one is structuring of the top layer.

Europe top is way softer than the pillow top one, it has a top layer which consists of softer material and is more comfortable for you. The layer is of the same size as of the structure at the bottom and it is attached to it totally with no falling off or being at a lesser point then the support.


If you are having problems with your previous mattress then you need to try this one as it is useful for many purposes. You can simply see the back and neck problems going away in no time. A person can actually have a peaceful sleep as the layer is so soft that you will fall asleep in no time.

If you used to have a disturbed sleep and were not happy with the stiffness of your bed then this will make sure to be molded according to your needs and make sure that you have great comfort.

Support System and the Top Layer

Euro top consists of a supporting system and a top layer along with it. The supporting system is like a normal cage of any bed, it is made of different materials which have springs or any such coils, later this support is covered with some fabric which makes it last longer. If your supporting system is durable then it will not be worn off soon and you can enjoy the life to be at least some years more.

The top layer is the essential part and must be of great quality, never compromise on the quality of this layer. It comes in various materials, it is according to your needs that you can select one. This layer has a cover on top which can be changed very often. The top layer is of less thickness than the supporting system. But, it plays the main role.

Extending Life of Euro Top Mattress

If you want to extend the life of your mattress then make sure you use it mannerly, that your kids do not jump over it as the coils break and mattress doesn’t stay in a good position.

For life-extending, you need to clean it more often so that it stays dust free and looks neat and new. If you see that the top layer is getting compressed then it is time for you to change it. Top layers are easily replaceable, the supporting system at the bottom does its part and you can stick your layer on top.

Keeping It Clean

For having a clean mattress, you can cover it up with sheets that let the top layer stay safe from dust particles. If the foam or gel layer gets some stains then you need to buy some special sprays for this. Using that with a light sponge helps in lowering the stain and you can do that very often just to clean your mattress and the side supports.

Always keep in mind that if you have started cleaning very regularly that will only make your mattress to be worn out even sooner.

Various Foams to Use

There are different foams which you can use according to your need, you can search and see which one is the best one for you;



Such material has holes in the mattress which are used for aeration, they transfer heat efficiently and perform really well at home. They do not wear out easily either if it is of a good quality.

Memory foam

Memory foam

These foams are used to trap the heat inside them which will give you a nice warm bed to sleep in. In markets, you will find the Tempurpedic memory foams which take in heat and some others which disperse heat as well.


A gel foam is used to absorb the heat in the same way as water does. What is unique about the gel is that it takes up as much heat as it can absorb and then later more heat will not be taken in and also won’t be much effective. Infused gel mattresses are better off than the gel beads.

Why Euro-top mattress is a good choice

This mattress is one of the best ones out in the market, its top layer is so soft that you can feel the sensation. It is best for backaches and even neck aches. Comes in a variety of sizes so you can choose from the ones you like.

The additional layer could be bought and replaced whenever you think that the top layer has been compressed. Doesn’t wear off quickly, it has a life of 8+ years which is a plus point that you need not change your mattress every two years?

What are the downsides?

It is slightly expensive and you might not know which one is the right one for you. It gets a bit hard to consult different people and then making a choice. Otherwise, if you will just go with the kind that you think looks good and is fine for you then that will cause problems.

These mattresses are generally constructed for people with problems of neck or backs so that is the main reason why they opt for it. Make sure you see a professional person who will let you know which the right one for you is.

Wrap up

Once you have seen different types of layering then you can simply choose the one that suits you best. Make sure you take full advantage of the money you spent. Do not rush anything you can simply have a look out for various kinds and then chose it.

Euro top mattresses are a must have for people who struggle much from backaches or even if they just can’t have a good night’s sleep then they need not worry and can just buy this mattress to enjoy their sleep.


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