Zenhaven Review

Zenhaven Mattress Review

Zenhaven Mattress is a dual-sided latex mattress. Latex is an eco-friendly material that has been used in mattresses for nearly 100 years. Due to modern science and technology, people seem to forget the feel of sleep on an all-natural mattress. We’re talking about mattresses made of 100% natural products like latex. But how will you find this 100% natural mattress?

Sleepers who are looking for excellent support and spinal alignment made of natural material should opt Zenhaven. The use of Talalay Latex, organic cotton, and 100% organic wool from New Zealand makes this mattress 100% natural mattress.

Let’s dig into the review to find out in-depth features!

Zenhaven Overall Ratings

LongevityExcellentBecause of the Talalay Latex components, the average lifespan of a Zenhaven mattress ranges from fifteen to twenty years.
Motion TransferabilityVery GoodZenhaven mattress can absorb and limit any motion caused by a sleeper while moving or rotating. It means that is good for people who share their bed.
Edge-to-Edge SupportFairPretty much like all latex mattresses, Zenhaven fall short in this area. Most of the users of this mattress have complained about sinkage which increases over time.
ConformanceVery GoodZenhaven is an excellent option if you are looking for conformance and like the sleeping surface that contours to your body.
Pressure ReliefExcellentZenhaven has a highly dense base made of Talalay Latex which offers excellent pressure relief. The Luxury Plush side again comes in to play its role here as well. Moreover, the Gentle Firm side also provides excellent pressure relief for lightweight sleepers.
Spinal AlignmentExcellentThe comfort layers on both sides of Zenhaven mattress offer excellent spinal alignment and prevent you from developing any backaches.
Temperature RegulationGoodThe use of natural Talalay latex with pinched holes allows increased airflow and the cotton quilted cover wicks the moisture off the top layer to help you sleep cool.
NoiseExcellentDue to latex construction, Zenhaven is a quiet mattress and won’t make any noise when you move on or out of it.
Off-gassingGoodThe users of this mattress have reported the problem of off-gassing. However, it lasts only for a few hours right after you unpack your Zenhaven mattress. The smell fades away after a short while
ResponsivenessGoodThe Luxury Plush side of Zenhaven mattress might not offer any responsiveness, but the Gentle Firm side does.

Construction & Design

Organic Cotton Cover with Organic New Zealand Wool Layer0.5-inchIt is a layer of organic cotton that is quilted and is integrated with the flame retardant organic wool from New Zealand. It improves moisture wicking and breathability features of the mattress.
5-Zone Latex Comfort Layer (Luxury Plush)1.5-inchThe comfort layer of Zenhaven mattress is made of Talalay Latex that comes with the 5-Zone design. This construction ensures extra support for excellent spinal alignment.
Latex Support Core6-inchThe support core for both the sides is made from 100-percent Talalay Latex for resilient support and stability. It is not a petroleum-based layer and is not synthetic.
5-Zone Latex Comfort Layer (Gentle Firm)1.5-inchSimilar to the other side, this comfort layer of Zenhaven mattress is made of Talalay Latex that comes with the 5-Zone design. The design ensures extra firm support to the lumbar region.
Organic Cotton Cover with Organic New Zealand Wool Layer0.5-inchSimilar to the layer on the other side, it has organic cotton that is quilted and is integrated with the flame retardant organic wool from New Zealand. It has the same moisture-wicking and breathability properties.

Construction & Design

Organic Cover

On both sides of the mattress, there is a quilted cover involving organic cotton. Furthermore, both these layers are integrated with organic wool that is retardant to flame and comes from New Zealand. Both these layers come with moisture wicking and breathability properties and make sure that you enjoy a wholesome deep sleep throughout the night.

The Comfort Layer

Due to the flappable construction Zenhaven comes with two different comfort layers on each side. They both have the same construction but offer different firmness levels to the users. On both sides of the mattress, the comfort layer is made of 100% natural American Talalay Latex.

Both the layers of this mattress feature a 5-Zone design that provides an excellent spinal alignment. The 5-zone configuration has different distributions and size of pinholes. These pinholes are developed when the latex layers are formed using the Talalay technique. There are five different zones of density in both the comfort layers. The comfort layers offer firm support to your back area while there is medium support provided to your hips and legs region, whereas the support provided to your shoulders is soft. It is responsible to maintain the adequate spinal alignment and pressure relief throughout the body.

The Support Core

The support core system of Zenhaven mattress involves 6-inch thick Talalay Latex. The latex used in this layer is non-synthetic and doesn’t include any petroleum-based products or flame retardants. It serves to provide support and stability to both the sides. This base layer proves to be an excellent foundation for various types of adjustable bases and increases the life of the overall mattress.

The Level of Comfort

The flappable Zenhaven mattress comes with natural Talalay Latex on both sides. One side offers Luxury Plush firmness while the other offers Gentle Firm. You don’t have to invest in another mattress to cater to your varying firmness needs.

The Level of Comfort

Luxury Plush

The Luxury Plush side of Zenhaven offers 4 to 5 firmness level i.e. luxury plush. It is designed to provide maximum support and conformance. This side is best suited for the people who prefer close conformance and prefer to sleep on a cloud-like surface.

Gentle Firm

The other side of the mattress is rated as Gentle Firm and offers 7.5-firmness to the users. It is 18% stiffer than the other side. The Gentle Firm side is for the sleepers who don’t want close conformance and prefer to sleep on a firm surface. Despite being on the stiff side, Gentle Firm offers good pressure relief and support to your body, especially your lumbar region.

Weight & Sleeping Positions

Body weight and sleeping position of a sleeper have a significant role to play when it comes to buying the right mattress. The 5-zoned construction of Zenhaven mattress targets the support of different areas of your body. The design ensures that you don’t feel any pressure in the sensitive areas of your body and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

Luxury Plush Side
Sleep PositionLightweight (<130 Lbs)Average Weight (between 130 Lbs & 220 Lbs)Heavyweight(> 220 Lbs)
SideVery GoodVery GoodGood
BackVery GoodVery GoodVery Good
StomachGoodVery GoodGood
Gentle Firm Side
Sleep PositionLightweight (<130 Lbs)Average Weight (between 130 Lbs & 220 Lbs)Heavyweight(> 220 Lbs)
SideGoodVery GoodVery Good
BackVery GoodVery GoodVery Good
StomachGoodVery GoodGood

Overall Performance of the Features of Zenhaven Mattress

Pressure Relief

This is where the 5-zone technology comes in to play its role. This technology ensures that different regions of your body get the best support system. The different pinhole density in the comfort layer offers different support to your shoulders, hips and lumbar region. The design makes sure that your spine remains aligned throughout your time in the bed.

It prevents you from developing any backaches in the long run. Furthermore, the varying density levels offer different pressure relief to the sensitive parts of your body as well. The Luxury Plush design offers better pressure relief to the sleepers that are lightweight while the Gentle Firm side provides better pressure relief to the heavyweight sleepers.

Motion Isolation

The construction and design of Zenhaven mattress involve Talalay Latex means that it provides excellent motion isolation. Zenhaven is an excellent choice for the people who share their bed. If your partner tends to move a lot at night during sleep, then this mattress can prevent the sleep disruptions caused by their tossing and turning.


The cover material on both sides of Zenhaven mattress is hypoallergenic. The company only uses natural and organic materials to develop these covers. There is organic cotton along with a layer of New Zealand wool that integrated with the quilted cover. The highly breathable cover layer keeps you cool at night and prevents any allergies that are developed in your skin due to mites and dust.


Naturally, the mattresses you can flip are very durable. The reason is that you can use both the sides from time to time and it reduces the overall wear and tear of the mattress, boosting its longevity. Moreover, natural latex is also very durable, and Zenhaven has plenty of it in its comfort and support layers. If durability is your preference, then Zenhaven is the right option for you.

Temperature Regulation

Natural latex does come with temperature regulatory properties. However, if you compare it with innersprings and cooling gel or copper infused polyfoam, then you might feel a little disappointed. The temperature neutrality feature tends to fade with the passage of time. In the later years, you might feel that your Zenhaven begins to sleep hot. The mattress is good in early 5 years, but it is not the right choice if you want temperature regulation for the deep sleep comfort for its entire 20 years life.


The latex involved in all layers is using Talalay technique means there is a slight off-gassing issue. However, the smells tend to fade away within a few hours. Some people have also reported that the smells take at least a couple of days to fade away.

Edge Support

Zenhaven’s edge support is its weak spot. A majority of the blame goes to latex. Latex mattresses are not known for their edge support, and Zenhaven is no different. If you sit on the edges of this mattress, there will be plenty of sinkages. Furthermore, the little to no edge support tends to go away with the passage of time as well.


Conformance is one of the strongest points of Zenhaven. This is the area where Zenhaven mattress performs at its best. Both sides offer different levels of conformance due to different firmness. If you prefer close conformance, then you can use the Luxury Plush side with 4.5 firmness rating. If you don’t like close conformance, then you can go for the Gentle Firm side with 7.5 firmness rating. For this reason, Zenhaven is best suited for side and back sleepers and all types of sleepers with average weight.


Along with temperature neutrality and edge support, responsiveness is another weak point of Zenhaven mattress. The support core and the comfort layers of this mattress have latex in them and latex is no good when it comes to responsiveness. The Gentle Firm side might offer some responsiveness, but it will go down with the passage of time.

Sleep Trial, Warranty, Shipping and Certifications

Zenhaven offers the customers with a 120-night sleep trial with which you can comfortably test your mattress for any weak points. During this period, if you don’t like your mattress, the company will take back and provide you with a full excluding $99 delivery fee.

In addition to the sleep trial, there is a 20-year warranty as well. The warranty covers all issues associated with the materials and craftsmanship involved in the construction and development of the mattress. Zenhaven also provides free of cost white-glove and mattress removal services (2 pieces at no charge).

All mattresses that come from Zenhaven are handcrafted. The company uses natural Talalay latex to make these mattresses. It is hypoallergenic and prevents various types of allergies that are caused by the mold, dust or mites. It is also certified under CertiPUR-US which means it is eco-friendly as well. The company uses New Zealand wool in its top cover with a botanical antimicrobial technology called Gaurdin.

Pros & Cons in a Nutshell

We Like

  • The “5 zone” comfort layer design made with Talalay latex gives firm support to the lumbar region and aligns the spine.
  • Zenhaven mattress is a flip mattress that offers different firmness levels on both its sides i.e. luxury plush and gentle firm.
  • The natural latex used in the construction prevents any noise even if the mattress is bearing weight.
  • Zenhaven comes with 120-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty that is non-prorated.
  • The top cover has organic cotton that is quilted, and it is integrated with natural New Zealand wool for high breathability and moisture wicking traits.

We Don’t like

  • Not as comfortable as memory foam
  • Edge support is not as good as expected

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People know Zenhaven mattresses for their excellent motion isolation, pressure relief, and conformance. You might find the mattress slightly expensive as compared to its foam counterparts. The latex mattress is costly because they are highly durable and made with 100% natural extracts and Zenhaven is no different. People who struggle with neck or back pains should go for Zenhaven.

The comfort and support layers provide excellent support and keep the pressure off from the sensitive regions of your body. The dual firmness levels enable you to alter your sleep surface according to your preferences. Both sides offer different support and conformance. You are getting two mattresses at the price of one.

We sincerely hope that our review on Zenhaven mattress has proved to be beneficial for you in making the right decision. You can provide us with your suggestions and queries through your comments using the space provided below.

Happy Sleep Shopping!

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